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Josh and Lorna

I shot Josh and Lorna’s wedding on a beautiful September day at Mississauga's Waterside Inn. Josh and Lorna were a fantastic couple to work with, they were kind, carefree, and obviously in love. Their day started off strong, with their ceremony taking place in a beautiful sunlit church. Sometimes natural light is perfect for capturing special moments like these, where everything seems so beautiful and right.

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Dana & Steve

As much as I enjoy my time to relax and unwind, I can’t stand going long periods of time without pushing or challenging myself in some way. Being busy is great. As demanding as it may be, being in this field has provided me with some of the most rewarding work I’ve ever had the chance to do. Although working back to back 14 hours days may be tough, there’s nothing more pleasing than feeling the accomplishment of capturing beautiful, cinematic wedding films.

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My First Hindu Wedding

I first spoke with Karina over the phone during July of 2016. She lived in Ottawa and her sister would be getting married in Toronto later that summer. The couple, Anu and Anthony had previously decided against having a videographer, however with the big day approaching, Karina decided that she would surprise her sister and hire someone herself. 

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