My First Hindu Wedding

I first spoke with Karina over the phone during July of 2016. She lived in Ottawa and her sister would be getting married in Toronto later that summer. The couple, Anu and Anthony had previously decided against having a videographer, however with the big day approaching, Karina decided that she would surprise her sister and hire someone herself. 

During our first conversation, Karina asked me whether I had ever shot a Hindu wedding. I told her honestly that I had not, although I was confident that I could successfully capture the ceremony and all the other elements of the day. 

Looking back, It was a joy to be a part of their wedding.  I had done my research - how the ceremony worked, who was involved, the key moments, etc… What I wasn't prepared for was the magic and spectacle of the day.

As the ceremony unraveled, my curiosity surrounding the event shifted to genuine awe. I was a witness to the amazing traditions of a culture that I had no previous history with. 

The day was filled with beautiful cultural traditions, all of which were remarkable to experience. From extravagant dances, to lovely musical performances, the wedding was full of wonderful surprises. 

Overall, this is a wedding I constantly look fondly back to. I find that as a cinematographer the best wedding films are the result of feeling as though you are a friend or family member. Anu and Anthony's wedding definitely accomplished that for me.