Dana & Steve

As much as I enjoy my time to relax and unwind, I can’t stand going long periods of time without pushing or challenging myself in some way. Being busy is great. As demanding as it may be, being in this field has provided me with some of the most rewarding work I’ve ever had the chance to do. Although working back to back 14 hours days may be tough, there’s nothing more pleasing than feeling the accomplishment of capturing beautiful, cinematic wedding films.

Now, as I look back during these cold and icy days, it’s nice to remember just how busy the Summer of 2016 was. I remember the end of the Summer in particular, when business really started to heat up. I was producing personal projects during the week, while shooting weddings back to back over the weekends. I remember one weekend that was particularly tough, but just as rewarding.

I finished up a shoot around midnight on a Saturday. It was a great Wedding, the ceremony taking place in a spectacular old church, with a charming reception at  St.George’s Golf Club. With a wedding the next morning, I fell asleep as soon as I reached home.

The next morning, with all my gear prepared and charged, I made my way to Dana and Steve’s wedding, up by Downsview Park. Once I arrived, I was happily surprised by the originality of their setup. From the outside, their event space seemed to be an empty, abandoned warehouse. However, upon entering the building, I found the space to be modernized and filled with a charm which felt unique to their personality and tastes. First, a Nintendo Wii was setup for the guests to play, a touch I’ll remember for my wedding one day. Next to the dance floor was another exciting addition ; a giant Jenga game, ready to be taken apart. To top it all off, the reception was catered by one of my favourite restaurants, California Sandwiches.

The fun and originality of Dana and Steve’s wedding was a joy to capture. I remember leaving that night feeling like a member of their family. After all my commitment, it felt like a real reward to be a part of their special day. In the end, hard work in this business is always worth it, not only professionally but personally as well.