Josh and Lorna

Finally the Sun is starting to shine again! It’s been a long winter, a winter cooped up inside editing and planning for the months ahead. Now, to get excited about the coming season, it’s always fun to look back on some of last year’s weddings.

I shot Josh and Lorna’s wedding on a beautiful September day at Mississauga's Waterside Inn. Josh and Lorna were a fantastic couple to work with, they were kind, carefree, and obviously in love. Their day started off strong, with their ceremony taking place in a beautiful sunlit church. Sometimes natural light is perfect for capturing special moments like these, where everything seems so beautiful and right.

As the ceremony came to a close, we had the perfect chance to capture their photoshoot right at the magic hour. As the sun goes down, the world feels so peaceful and serene. On camera, the sun glistens off of everyone's skin and casts a golden haze over the world. We had a great time, shooting some spectacular footage of these moments. Although we were shooting and working, everything we captured still felt so real. Josh and Lorna came out so naturally on camera and I was happy to capture them so wrapped up in their special moment.

As the night came to a close, we were very happy with how the day had gone. We managed to capture all the events of the day with style and grace. This wedding film really felt like Josh and Lorna's. All of our shots felt so cinematically right for the couple. It was like really capturing their story, one that you never want to forget. I look forward to capturing more great stories just like this and helping couples perfectly remember their special day.