Jonah Haber


Wedding cinema has always gone hand-in-hand with filmmaking for me. Within a month of discovering my passion for film I was already shooting weddings. Five years later I am still pursuing my passion and have a deep love for my job. I started ella because I believe that so many wedding videographers approach wedding video like they are selling a cookie-cutter manufactured product. I disagree with this approach. Wedding cinema isn't any different than any other type of filmmaking -- you can't just create a formula and pump out the same video for every client. Each video should be unique and has to tell the couple's story the way it deserves to be told.

I have had my non-wedding film work featured in Toronto Men's Fashion Week, the Austin Music Video Festival, and the Los Angeles Music Video Festival. I have been commissioned by VIA Rail, Dropbike Inc., and Crowdriff, and my most recent music video Glow reaped over 600,000 views and was featured on Petapixel, Colossal, and Exclaim!.

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Sam Hughes


Going to the movies has always been a special experience for me. Kicking back in a theater with a bag of popcorn, I just felt at home. Today, my love for film hasn’t changed one bit, and I couldn’t be happier with where I am now: working to produce cinematic wedding films, music videos, and fashion films.

I've always felt the need to tell emotional, visually stunning stories with a unique perspective on the world. After quitting my job, I decided to put my skills to use and immerse myself in the field I dreamed to be in. Since then I have found a passion for translating my love of storytelling and cinema into my craft of wedding cinematography.

My personal work has premiered the TIFF Next Wave Film Festival, and has been featured in the TIFF Jump Cuts Festival. I have worked and studied across the world in Toronto, New York, Miami, Istanbul, and LA. My work can be seen at